Human Sins


Why is it when we discuss about being human, we don’t ever think about the sins we commit? No, I’m not talking about the murder sprees but the sin of loving in lust.

But what is the opposite of lust? 

I think the opposite of love and lust is the lack of it… the need for it but also the desire to not need it.

Love and lust are both sins, deadly in their own way. they walk hand in hand like lovers, love needs lust to work, while lust… is the shadow of love that humans mistake for the real thing.

In my opinion, the opposite of that is the lack of it. 

Now I have discussed this with two individuals that are both in their own ways unique individuals, both with their own answers but right in their own way.

Yet somehow, both their answers correspond to each other.

At one end, the answer is indifference while the other is disgust.

But there is proof that both can be present in relationships. I’ve seen couples go through with a relationship with indifference.

Am I saying the relationship is healthy? No… being in love with indifference comes with snickering when one party is drunk, it includes the unspoken problems, it includes irrational rationals about the little things that shouldn’t be the blame of the catastrophe that is the actual relationship.

I think the lack of both sins is what creates monsters in humans and humanity. The lack of both love and lust, lets the monsters override the human mind.

Because I don’t think that it comes down to the actual relationship, but the intentions that the individuals bring to the table and pushes the relationship towards the sin of love and lust.

Now let’s bring disgust into the equation, because while some relationships work with disgust, it can only be as much as a relationship as a one sided admiration of the memories that was built along the span of the relationship.

Earlier, I’ve mentioned monsters. I didn’t mean the kind you see on B-rated films but the monsters that extend into our lives and help us shape personality.

My definition of monsters differ from many, as it should, because it’s my definition. 

If we go beyond the biblical meaning of what sin is, how can we blame the serpent when adam and eve were the ones who chose to bite into the forbidden fruit?

In that story, who is the monster we should fear? The voice of temptation or the willingness to give in to it?

I had originally planned this post to be somewhat of an opinion post but now after going through it, the post has raised more questions to my mind.

Feel free to comment your opinions or debate mine.


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