Love and Sin



Continuing from my previous post, so many different questions was raised; one of which is the inclination of my opinion that love is a sin, so I asked the void, the universe and two individuals what is love and that drove me to write the post on human sin, and I received these two answers.

“Love is a chemical reaction in the brain triggered by hormones and a deeply rooted human desire to cope or feel a connection because we are created as social creatures. Too much alone time drives people literally insane. But that doesn’t mean it’s important or a force of nature. It’s just part of our proverbial mating dance ritual. Hatred and love are both necessary for the human condition. But only if taken in without sacrifice of one’s self.  From resentment and losing their sanity to losing their freedom or lives; but it’s instinctive. The existence of love and hatred are the basis of human units. It helped form families, it advanced communication, it extended larger families and started wars and currency and a lot. It’s part of every moment and turning point in history 

Love is a gift. True love, love that doesn’t die, love that lasts is a gift from the universe. It’s like something that you need to find and look and fight for it, and when you have it, you are gifted with love. Of course love can be a sin, if it’s too much then it becomes something else, if you love someone too much, especially when it’s not given back, then it isn’t love. It’s obsession. Okay. True love is pure, free from doubt about it. True love is not explainable, nor is it questionable. It’s a feeling you get towards someone, that nothing can question that feeling. No matter what happens, your whole body is filled with just that one single emotion. At that point, in that moment you are in love.”

Now I call myself a hopeless romantic, I love the idea of spending Sunday evenings just chilling with a special someone. But even Humbert said that his love for Lolita is a sin, her image and innocence that he clenched on unhealthyly was a sin…

So while the opinion of love being a gift can be correct, love can be a gift… it is also a curse. And what is a curse but a sin? A passionate obsession based on details that in a year or so wouldnt even be remembered?

See why I’m boggled at this discussion?


While the debate is love: sin or gift? It’s built on pain it derives pain and it drives pain when one doesnt reach it. How can you call that a gift?  How can hate be something bad and love not be as well? Its okay to hate just as much as its okay to love? It makes both equal in the field of emotions.. Each are alternates to each other. Just as some find joy in love others can find joy in hate.


In my opinion, the most anyone can hope in finding true love is an equal admiration and content between individuals. But then again, deriving the constitutional understanding of love from Lolita does say a lot on how my mind works.


I think again, I have made this another post that provokes my mind to raise more questions instead of answers. While my opinion stands that love is a sin, it has also extended to seeing love the way Humbert saw Lolita; as art.


While we’re brought up to believe that love is a nice thing, most times it isn’t nice. Love is chaos, love is messy, love burns a fire from within. It drives people to sin, to lie, and at times love drives people to death.

It is a verb and a noun.





No great love story or artwork was composed by being just nice. No, it’s supposed to be confusing. Even at it’s basic level of simplicity love cannot survive on being nice. If masterpieces was based on how nice it is then Van Gogh would have had both his ears on his death bed, the Monalisa would have an obvious smile.


So I shall amend my take on love as a sin, and instead say that love is an art. Being in love, falling in love, believing in love… it takes courage; and then to share that with somebody that could just as easily ruin you, it provokes you to feel. 


With this I bid myself adieu, and perhaps you – whomever is reading to be provoked to see if your love is your own piece of art.



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