A letter to the guy that should’ve been here.

personal, poetry

It fucking hurts.

A year later and still the words you said to me linger.

A month later and I still have the taste of your lips on my skin.

A week later and I still wonder why I felt so much better when you were here.

It feels wrong to meet new people, but I see the clues around your social media feed that you already have someone else.

What happened between the weeks you were busy until the moment silence filled the space between us?

Did I care too much?

Does my affection scare you?

What happens now when you’re not around and I’m here craving for you?

Should I let go of whatever that’s left or should I keep the candle on?

In the corner of that coffee shop we kissed I drink an overly sweet cup of coffee and all I can taste is you.

What should I do?


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