Performing arts saved my life


2016 has been a whopper of a year for me, and December has been the wrecking ball to blow it off the top. This post is long over due.

I went from being a corporate copywriter, an online assistant, audio transcriber, translator, event consultant; and for the past month, an assistant lecturer for a university performing arts class.

While I know that the list of jobs I’ve had this year are mess of a mix, I live for the spontaenity of it all.

Out of all the jobs I’ve taken under my belt, I have to say that being an assistant lecturer has been the most gratifying of all. Even with just 5 girls, I had my moment of clairvoyance seeing the progress and I truly felt grateful knowing that I helped them in the smallest ways.

Performing arts has always been in my life, I grew up on a TV show set. But with TV shows, we were allowed to have second or third takes. On stage, as small as it may be, it’s one shot.

During the final performance, I held the role of stage mom; being backstage helping with costume changes –  nearly every moment they were performing I was behind the curtain holding my breath for every line they said. A few lines were forgotten and my girls panicked during their change but I had the opportunity to remind them that as long as they didn’t panic in front of the audience (which they didn’t!) the next step is just to go on with the next scene…. and they did!

Processed with VSCO with b1 presetimg_4974

These 5 girls along with my lecturer guided me more than I think I guided them throughout the final showcase we curated together… and knowing that within 2 weeks I will get the chance to work with more students; I am thrilled!

I will forever love my first 5 girls for not only their enthusiasm and talent; but also they support and dynamics that they brought to not only each other but to my life.

Blessed is the word to sum up the entirety of this part of my life.




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