100 days

personal, poetry

You are not the same person that laughed with me on the way to the movies in September

You didn’t become the person that you promised me in the beginning of October

You aren’t the person who wiped my tears away in that corner of the parking lot in November

You made me promise myself to say good bye to you in December

but now… I’m standing in the middle of January dreading the coming of February, March and I hardly know where I’ll be in April..

When May comes, will I still remember the way your eyes look at me?

All these months ahead of me and I have life planned out in a journal, but your name…

Your name is etched in my veins like a game…

Your voice calling my name, the way you said it that drove me insane…

Your touch, oh my god, your touch… will I ever be touched the same way again?

One hundred days to the day when you caught my eye…

but now all I see are distorted memories in the places that we’ve been…

The things I would give… my heart, my spleen…

Just enough to go back where we have been..



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