8 Weeks of Art and Therapy

performing arts

Another semester ends, and I am bittersweet about the separation. As always.

This semester was a much larger class than the one before, and I had the privilege to be there from day one.

I can still remember the wide eyes everyone had, both scared and excited. Those eyes were present again minutes before the doors opened and the audience sat in their respected seats.

Throughout the 8 weeks, I saw relationships and friendships building themselves within practice and exercises in class. Many opening up their hearts and taking the pain and oppression from their lives and molding it into a form of art, whether that be a dance, monologues or even their final showcase play. It was an honor to see the progress every week in class and even during practice. The passion they put into every step and dialogue is beyond the requirements for a grade.

When the lights go off and the show begun, from behind the curtain I listened to each one of them delivery their lines, with every gasp  and laughter from the audience my heart pumped for them.


It was truly a privilege to work with these 63 individuals, I hope to see them pursue their art in the future as well as have them a part of mine.



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