The Generation of Going Viral

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Which is a bigger crime, a group of boys talking nonsense or the girl who took the joke too far? In my personal opinion, both are at the same level or idiocy. 

Now I get that getting many followers can mean you get the chance of monetizing your social media account. But at what cost?

In a recent incident, screenshots of a private group chat went viral. As any group chat involving boys with raging hormones and no other output, there are lewd commentary about the “fresh meat” on campus. Do I condone the locker room talk? Of course not. But when the individual comes out and rants on her public twitter account instead of waiting for the institution they are all studying at to respond, it creates a PR mess.

I am in not directly involved, however as a graduate of the media industry, I would like to put my two cents in – not like anyone has yet to do so. 

Shall we first get to the background of this said joke, in which one of the group chat participants wrote “She’s gonna kena raped by me, then the must marry me” – this running joke started with this statement earlier this year from the parliament regarding rape victims.

Now, whether it be the soccer team in Harvard, or a female rating group chat in Malaysia, I hold my opinion on how college boys are not the brightest stars in the galaxy. I’m not saying #NotAllMen or the overused quote “boys will be boys”.

Rape, in any sense of the word is not a laughing matter.

But to the girl involved, was it worth the example you posted? This is one in millions group chats that talk nonsense. If every group chat was exposed this way, almost everyone in the world would be convicted for soliciting lewd commentary. Not to mention the lack of eye candy articles that sell magazines and get traffic to online magazines shared on Facebook. 

It astonishes me how your tone changed after your tweets went viral to the point of being interviewed by Elle Malaysia where there was a comparison to Serena Williams.

From what I have gathered, the boys involved have been given their punishment. But the backlash of this incident will constantly follow them and in many cases these life events will create a mental instability (hello, there’s this new series showing exactly how things can go). The threats on their existence has already started to a point of the “perpetrator” making the “joke” is terrified to go back to his studies this coming Tuesday after the public holiday.

Now I have to ask this to the general public, how is it that glorifying and sexualizing attractive vets or nurses or even math teachers okay, while a private group chat is blown up out of proportion?

This group chat was one out of a billion that just happened to get caught. Don’t you think if all private chats were leaked everyone would be in jail or something? Yes, it was wrong. I do not defend the boys involved, but what people say as opposed to what people think and do are all different; and there will always be an abundance of online trolls and keyboard warriors.

It is ironic to me how as viral as juicy this fiasco has become, all articles written on it deviate far from the actually truth with conflicting and inaccurate information. For all we know, each individual involved are at fault at one point or another. 

This proves how what we are involved in is no longer the issue at hand or in the victims best interest. Instead, by making this more viral, we are actually amusing ourselves at the expense of all participants including the girl. 

A simple retweet of the original posts can be compared to going for surgery when all you needed was a good nights sleep. Is it truly impossible for this generation to mind their own business? Did we really have to dive into the comment section and dissect? 

In other words the villain here is now us. 

The best PR exercise to diffuse is through silence. By muting the argument until proper statement has been released. Until then, what we have is a crockpot filled of opinions. As my grandmother in the kitchen would say, too many hands makes the broth bitter. 



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