Tablao Flamenco: The Art of Gypsies

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Enjoy a full bodied glass of wine, share small plates of olives and cheese with your lover, and feel the music run through your person as you hear the beat of the percussion complimenting the tapping sounds of the dancer’s feet on the floor board cause in that moment you’re living the gypsy life as you witness the passion and fury of the flamenco.


Replacing the cabarets in cafes around Spain, the 1960s was the turning point to when the flamenco soared beyond it’s origin of Andalusia. To enjoy it is an activity that has been modernized even in it’s mainland of Spaniards; but to live it as an audience is an honor – an opportunity you can experience this week in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!

I was beyond excited to be given the chance to be seated front where my heart beat with every clap and string of the guitars played in the 8 artists ensemble. Seeing it for the first time live in front of me felt like falling in love with a dangerous lover.

Origen Flamenco was brought into town after a night of music among friends and was greeted warmly as Spain and Malaysia celebrate their 50th year of diplomatic ties. While I did not have the privilege to speak to the ambassador as he sat 5 feet away from my stool, it showed on his face that he felt at home while being thousands of miles away from his home country. I did however get a picture with him and the (very good looking) cast!


I urge those who are art enthusiasts to go see them at KLPAC this Wednesday the 12th and Thursday the 13th of July 2017. Tickets are available so hurry and order them online because the crew did let me know that it is an intimate setting as the art should be.

Join the gypsies in conversation while you witness the embodiment of passion! If you miss them in KL don’t fret they’ll be back in Malaysia at the Kota Kinabalu Jazz Festival!



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