REVIEW: American Gods


DISCLAIMER: There are potential spoilers in this piece – also this is purely my opinion so take it with a grain of salt if you do not feel the same way. 

A few weeks late into the finale, I was awed by how relevant this show is to today’s world. Being online 80% of my life awake, I have to admit that I succumbed to the gods of technology that occasionally enslaves us through media – which just happens to be portrayed as a newer Goddess in the show.

I jumped into the series without prior reading on the plot, based on the suggestion of my friends I was intrigued on the delivery of characters and their progression through the first season (Yes, I finished the season on one sitting! my dedication to this review is ridiculous!).

Okay where do I start? Let’s break down the characters and relationships within the show…

  1. Shadow & Wednesday: This bromance bothers me… mostly because Mr. Wednesday is a twisted character that uses Shadow’s grief and confusion of his new freedom for his gain… why Shadow is such an important character is yet to be known even through the finale. But one thing is clear, something is up with the existence of Mr. Moon. Even with his criminal history, he plays the part of an anti protagonist that somehow floats around the plot. While his story is significant to his character, I found Shadow close to irrelevant. However, kudos to Starz for making the lead character one of color.
  2. Shadow & Dead Wife: Again, here Shadow seems to me like a lost puppy being so gullible that he doesn’t recognize danger when she’s between his legs. I get that love is blind, but when you’re basically in a relationship with sociopath that calls you her pet… something should have rang the alarm in your head to get out.
  3. Dead Wife & Mad Sweeney: Now I’ve loved Sweeney since his first appearance, to be a tall mad leprechaun is going against the initial information we’re given about these fairy folk creatures, in the episode that shows his somewhat back story, it focused on his relationship with an Irish girl name Essie. Maid turned thief turned rape victim turned honest wife… the turn of events lead by this Essie character which is portrayed by the same actress as the Dead Wife. It’s one of the sweeter stories delivered in the season and it gave me a shooting chance at forgiving the Dead Wife. We’ll just have to see what happens in season 2
  4. Salim & The Jinn: This couple at the beginning of the show was a delightful representation of the LGBT community as well as Muslim, I understand that there was a lot of controversy when first shown, but the storyline behind them is – in my eyes – a sweet yet toxic arrangement. Does it end well? We still don’t know! The season ended with Salim seeking to find The Jinn again.

Now here’s a list of my favorite characters through season 1:

  1. Bilquis: this lady has it going on hard and freaky! I was told before her episode explaining the life she went through with the change of times, that her story is a sad one… the forgotten queen until social media and the rise of technology made it easier to gain followers again. I love how crazy scary she is and how dominating her personality is – even with her flaws (specifically her bedside manners!).
  2. Mad Sweeney: See above for details or better yet watch his episode! Yes, his rough exterior and rugged personality starts off as annoying but he’ll grow on you.
  3. Mr. Nancy: he’ll be narrating a few of the stories, but also his debut in the series was when he casually tricked a group of slaves to kill themselves along with their masters – you’ll never bore of this trickster. Side note: I notice what you did with his name, Starz… from the origins of Anansi to Mr. Nancy.

I can go into details on other characters but I really don’t want to be the one that spoils this show for you. When you have the time, go watch it! I was inspired to go further into the backstories and origins of the lore that was represented in the series.

If there’s anything this show deserves an A+ for, it’s the diversity of it’s characters and the initial research put into them. I mean, gods and goddesses becoming immigrants in America? Brilliant!

Comment your thoughts and favorite characters or suggest something for me to review next!



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