a 25-year-old’s Christmas wish


Dear Santa,

It’s your time of year again, I’ve definitely been fluctuating my naughty and nice.  I can’t say I’m sorry but I also know I could’ve done a few things differently.

Last year around I heard my brother’s laugh and my dad’s chuckles. I won’t ask that this year – budget-wise it’s illogical so it’s okay. Can I ask just for one thing? As cheesy as it is, I want what you gave the Grinch. Grow my heart three times its size.

After a year of having it chipped away by all the wrong people, I’ll just ask for my heart back to 100% please. I want the next person that you have cupid send me to deserve it.

I think I’ve proven myself enough going through the struggles, can you tell cupid to aim right next time? I thought I made my birthday wish clear enough.

To be fair, I put up my tree early and I have my stockings up. I had planned a nice quiet day with somebody who decided to not be around.

Anyway, you know what I want,


Your  25-year-old believer


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