Ringing the new year right


Happy New Year!

I’m sitting with a cup of Earl Grey tea on the balcony of my first apartment, an apartment I have yet to take pictures of since I moved in 370 days ago.

Before I go into what I’m hoping for in 2018, I’d like to appreciate what 2017 has brought me and peacefully release myself of it.

I should have posted this yesterday but just as 2017 was, plans change and people do too.

So many events happened from being an assistant lecturer, a freelance writer, a journalist and now a writer for a few magazines. Yes, disappointment showed its face a few times over through toxic people, but I survived.

I performed both my comedy and poetry on a public stage, I fell in and out of love with others and myself, I lost directions and found purpose, but most importantly I saw the bigger picture and didn’t shut off myself due to pressure.

My anxiety was an unwelcome guest in the corner of my life that brought so much pain and doubt but like my demons, I’ve managed to be acquainted with it – and I’m okay.

Overall 2017 was a mammoth or a workout, and I’m relieved that it has passed.

This year I’m hoping to aim higher and hustle harder for what I want. I’ll try more instead of bowing out when I get to a bump. This year I plan to finish my book, create content, and learn more and love unforgivingly.

My 2018 will be jumping in the pool in a cannonball instead of tipping my toes around the edges.

This year will be amazing and filled with adventure and I hope that your year will be too.

So cheers to 2018, and I’ll try to post more stuff on the site soon (and regularly)!


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