The right kind of love


Q: How do adults get over heartache?

A: Stop building houses for travellers and cages for rivers.

The issue that seems to be a reoccurring event in my life is that I tend to fall for the wrong type of people. Not in any career oriented situation, but in my (non-existent) love life.

Recently, I ended a situationship with someone that inspired the last few poems I’ve published; while it hurt and there is a void that feels like a black hole, I realise it was for the better. How I love, is borderline obsessive. Everything or nothing at all. This type of love is scary and not as popular as the modern love that everyone used to.

The right kind of love I’m looking for is someone to conquer nightmares with, someone to be my sounding board and someone who will give me back the efforts I’m giving them. It’s a tall order and one that comes with the need for patience and baggage to handle. A friend asked me why do I want it all? The answer is simple. I want to be given what I’m willing to earn.

So am I going to give up my expectations? No. But I know that I will be taking a long deserved break from it all. I have a few upcoming projects that I’m looking forward to update here when I can.

Until then, expect more poetry from this bleeding heart of mine.



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