There’s an incorrect I taste like a cigarette without a chaser, this disconnect feels too direct when all I want to do is embrace her.

That sided smile with its dimple seems like it’s mocking me saying “if only it was that simple.”

The moon hides as the fireworks trigger, I’m wide awake writing these words fighting from admitting how much I miss her.

So wrap your pinky around my finger, promise me this feeling would eventually lose its power to linger.

about a ghost


A minute, was all you needed to text me where you went

An hour, that’s how long I cried and wished you were there when my bubble burst

A day, that’s how long I thought you’d be gone

A week, that’s how long it took to lose your image from the chat list on my phone

A month, hopefully that’s how long it’ll take me to stop thinking of you

A year, maybe by then you won’t be a name that I avoid saying

A decade, maybe by then I would be happier

A century, maybe by then my existence will be forgotten

A lifetime was how long I planned to stay with you

A moment was all that it took to fall for you

A goodbye was all you needed to say

A hello is not going to be enough for me to stay

Things I couldn’t say


There’s something in the wind tonight that made me brave, I felt like I could surf any wave and walk any road that has yet to be paved.

Yet you smiled and my knees went weak,

You laughed and i grinned from cheek to cheek, I made you grilled cheese then we watched the breeze and I found myself thinking if you liked sweet peas.

I’m a girl with curly hair, I make it seem like I don’t care but when i see couples walking in a pair, i wish you was there.

So I apologise beforehand if you could just understand, honey I’ll treat you better than any man, so maybe could you take my hand?

Charlie Sheen

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I thought it I heard you laugh in a corner of a place I’ve never been

I feel like tearing up pages and performing on stages instead of being stuck in a cage of the societal scene

Comfortable in my skin i still wonder if you’d be around if I were more lean and less mean

The things I would give… my heart, my spleen

Maybe the I can’t give you the world but I promise I’d still treat you like a queen

I’ll keep my hair clean and we’ll never watch anything with Charlie sheen

I don’t know what else to say that’ll rhyme with sheen oh right, i hope to see your name calling on my phone screen

This is how I love


I love like a marshmallow with anxiety

I love like a hot cup of earl grey tea

I love how you smile when you look at me

I love without doubt, I love the way you pout,

I love love and I wanted you to love me

I wanted it to sprout and take you out properly,

Never in my mind were you my property

I wanted to share with you about my need to be set free

Listen to you play the guitar and sing Valerie

Earn a spot in your life – entirely

Had you just given me a chance

Maybe we could’ve had another dance

Maybe i could show you a bit of romance

Just maybe cause maybe is all i got

But maybe it was all for not