Why I won’t apologise for being me

It's been a while since I wrote something that isn't work related. But today, since I have a minute to spare I thought I'd write an update. I'm working now – yes, no more freelancing from my couch. As fun as that was, it was time for progress. I love where I'm at now, every … Continue reading Why I won’t apologise for being me


A History Lesson in Pancasila

DISCLAIMER: This article is purely the opinion of the writer, it is not written to be bias or leaning to any political party nor it's opposition.  I grew up in the bustling city roads of Jakarta, to be a half breed of Indonesia and a western country, I was nicknamed bule that directly means caucasian. It … Continue reading A History Lesson in Pancasila

REVIEW: OKJA, a nightmare in motion.

It's been a minute since I watched something that moved me in the way that Netflix's original movie OKJA did. Before even going in depth why you should watch this movie, I would like to hand over all the awards including most horrific triggering movie of the year. Disclaimer: there are potential spoilers in this … Continue reading REVIEW: OKJA, a nightmare in motion.